Brilliant 'Strafe' Trailer has Gore, Guns and the Nineties

"No man could have created graphics that realistic"

Pixel Titans

Strafe is an over the top indie shooter that's heavy on the gore and its launch trailer is true to form. Taking on the guise of a 1996 movie that explains the origin of Strafe it's got pizza rolls, entrails and a cheeky Oculus Rift reference. 

"It was my experiment that spawned Strafe," says a crazed scientist before transporting a hero into the world of Strafe and its murderous minions. Look out for all your favorite ninties references like Ninja Turtles, Surge soda, yoyo and even a Skip-It. 

Strafe is released today on PC, Mac and PlayStation 4. It was created by Pixel Titans, a small team headed up by Thom Glunt and Stephen Raney that says it makes "tough games for tough people." Strafe is its first game.