Blizzard Reveals 'Overwatch' Loot Box Odds

Legendary items drop once every 13.5 loot boxes

If you've ever suspected that loot box drop rates in Overwatch are rigged, or there's something unfair about how the whole system provides its casion-style thrills – it turns out there is actually some very specific logic behind how often items appear. Shared to comply with new regulations in China that went into effect May 1, Blizzard has publicly revealed the odds for loot box contents for the first time. 

Blizzard's official announcement states (in Mandarin) that:

  • Every loot box contains at least one rare (blue) item. 
  • You'll get an epic (purple) item once every 5.5 loot boxes.
  • Legendary items appear once every 13.5 loot boxes.

Though these drop rates have only been revealed for the Chinese market, there's currently no reason to assume that rates in other countries would be different.

Overwatch, which has already generated $1 billion for Blizzard, is now the fastest-growing franchise ever from the company. It has 30 million registered players, and a significant number of those play regularly every month.