Black Friday 2017 was the Most Successful in PlayStation's History, Exec Says

"We sold more consoles than we ever have"

PlayStation had its biggest Black Friday in the company's 22 year history, senior vice president and head of PlayStation Network Eric Lempel recently told CNBC. You can see his comments in full in the video above. 

"We sold more consoles than we ever have," Lempel told the outlet, adding alongwith hardware sales many consumers also purchased subscriptions to the company's online service PlayStation Plus – which, along with granting access to online play, offers players a handful of free games every month. Lempel didn't reveal any concrete numbers in terms of units sold or money made. 

This is, as Lempel claims, just one part in an already smash year for Sony. "Last month Sony corporate reported their earnings, profits were up 346-percent. The majority of that was fueled by the PlayStation business," he said. "The console business is doing great." 

Fielding a question about virtual reality and Sony's own PlayStation VR peripheral, Lempel stressed the product was not an accessory, rather it was something "entirely new."

"We're learning a lot about this market now that we're a year into it," he said. The company announced back in June it'd sold more than one million units. Lempel didn't divulge how successful PlayStation VR was this Black Friday. 

This holiday season, more so than other years, PlayStation is offering what it calls a "family" of hardware. Along with the base PlayStation 4, originally released in 2014, it also sells a PlayStation 4 Slim and the PlayStation 4 Pro – a higher-powered, more graphically impressive console. The company also is selling bundles and standalone packages of its PlayStation VR headset.