'Big Dank Meme Hunter' Turns Your Phone Into a Shotgun

New Adult Swim game let's you take down Guy Fieri, Toke Mon and more

This rough diamond will talk you through turning your phone into your weapon Credit: Adult Swim

Big Dank Meme Hunter is a new browser game from the folks over at Adult Swim and it lets you take down all the internet icons. As a bonus, there's an option to use your phone as a shotgun. 

The game is a riff on the classic Big Buck Hunter, only you're taking down Guy Fieri, Toke Mon and the Dat Boi frog instead of the graceful fauna of the wilds. It can be played right in your browser, so perfect if that Friday afternoon in the office is dragging just a little.

Adult Swim, best known for its cartoons, has long been the home of edgy browser games like Amateur Surgeon, Five Minutes To Kill (Yourself) and Zombie Hooker Nightmare. It's also a publisher of indie titles like Rain WorldRick and Morty Simulator: Virtual Rick-Ality and Duck Game.