Bandai Namco Partners With 'Life is Strange Developer' for New Project

More details about the currently-unannounced game set to come next year

Bandai Namco will be partnering with Life is Strange developer Dontnod Entertainment on a currently-unannounced game, the publisher recently announced.

The two companies have joined forces to bring out a new narrative adventure game, which given the success of the first season of Life is Strange seems to fit right in Dontnod's wheelhouse. As detailed in a press release, Bandai sees this partnership as a way to enter new markets – namely, the indie space. It recently published both Little Nightmares and Get Even.

Aside from its existence, the only details offered about the game were two pieces of concept art (one can be seen above). More details are expected to come sometime next year.

Despite being a relatively smaller studio, Dontnod has a lot going on. Alongside this unannounced project, it is currently working on a sequel to Life is Strange and the horror action RPG Vampyr, set for release this November. A prequel to Life is Strange, called Life is Strange: Before the Storm, premiers next week on August 31st, though it's being developed Deck Nine Games.