'Arms': Newest Fighter Is a Clown Named Lola Pop

She's a clown with a vicious uppercut

Nintendo Switch fighter Arms gets a new free new character soon, Nintendo announced at Gamescom today.

Lola Pop is a street-performing pugilist that looks a lot like a traveling clown. Her key ability is inflating her body like a balloon, which ups her defensive skills. She arrives with three new Arms and a new stage, according to Nintendo.

The company also announced that they will be holding another Arms Global Testpunch this weekend, giving folks who don't yet own the game a chance to play it for free. The Testpunch runs from 8 a.m. PT Friday, August 25th through 2 p.m. PT Sunday, August 27th. To participate, just download the free Arms Global Testpunch software from Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch, then fire it up and jump into online multiplayer matches.