'Animal Crossing Pocket Kingdom' Officially Hits Smartphones This Week

Something to do on Thanksgiving

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp official releases on smartphones on November 22nd, Nintendo announced over the weekend.

The mobile phone version of Nintendo's popular Animal Crossing series, has you managing a campsite rather than the traditional town management that was a core element of the series. Like previous Animal Cross games, Pocket Camp lets you decorate, do odd jobs to earn cash and wander aimlessly between locations. The entire game also still occurs in real time.

The game will also include seasonal events, Nintendo says. Two new features coming to this take on Animal Crossing are Friendship Levels which increase by chatting with and doing things for your animal buddies. Leak Tickets are, of course, Nintendo's way of making money off the game. While you can earn this form of in-game cash you can also purchase it with real money.

While Nintendo has mostly steered clear of microtransactions with its traditional games, the company has embraced the money-making method in its smartphone titles.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is the third mobile game published by Nintendo within the last year. Super Mario Run debuted in December 2016, while Fire Emblem Heroes launched in February. Thanks to the success of its mobile games, Nintendo said its smart device and IP-related income was 9 billion yen during the second fiscal quarter this year. That's a 450 percent increase on a year-on-year basis.