5 Things to Notice in New 'Far Cry 5' Art

Guns, planes, dogs in face paint and a creepy looking Jesus, we scour the new poster for clues

'Far Cry 5' Credit: Ubisoft

Earlier this week, Ubisoft teased us with a Far Cry 5 video that revealed the game's setting: the fictional locale of Hope County, Montana. Now, ahead of more information on Friday, Ubisoft is teasing us a little more with a damn strong piece of key art depicting a sinister scene. Here's what intrigues us about the poster. 

  1. The Last Supper. With the ominous-looking church in the background and the distinctly religious poses that our motley crew are rocking, it feels as though we might be dealing with religious fanatics this time around. Pretty sure the guy with "sinner" emblazoned on his back isn't just there for a Sunday school lesson.
  2. The Weaponry. Just in case you were worried that the Far Cry series was going to try and skimp on guns again (you know what you did, Far Cry Primal), this image suggests quite strongly that firepower is once again front and center. Assault rifles, RPGs, and a serious-looking compound bow are all present and accounted for. 
  3. Air TravelFar Cry 4 gave us the "Buzzer" mini chopper to fly around in and Far Cry 5 could be giving us planes. Sure, one of them looks like an agricultural crop duster, but that doesn't mean it can't be used to rain down carcinogenic pesticides on our enemies. 
  4. Canine Companion. Far Cry Primal taught us that befriending animals, particularly aggressive canines, could come in handy in a fight. Here's hoping the dog rocking the face paint means we can command a canine army in times of need. 
  5. "Stars" and Stripes. The cross-like figure replacing the stars on the American flag and adorning the church looks is reminiscent of the Iron Cross, the German military decoration that was eventually adopted by the Nazis in the 1930s. This one has some extra points on it, but it still makes us a little uncomfortable about our new, plaid-sporting friends. 

We'll get to see more of Far Cry 5 – and hopefully have some of our theories validated – on Friday.