Here's All The Changes Coming to 'Halo 5,' 'Halo Wars 2' and 'The Master Chief Collection'

Also, 'Halo Recruit' will be available on all Microsoft Stores

A host of changes and updates are coming to a variety of different Halo games, developer 343 Industries recently announced on a livestream (via Microsoft). Most surprising are changes coming to the Master Chief Collection, originally released in 2014.

First up, 343 announced Halo Recruit, a virtual reality Halo experience, would be released on all Microsoft stores. The experience will also be available to download for anyone with Windows Mixed Reality device.

Halo 5, released in 2015, will soon receive an update for the upcoming Xbox One X, the developer said. Along with tweaks and adjustments, Halo 5 will support 4K visuals to deliver "higher visual fidelity for players who have compatible hardware." The developer will also be adding a local server app, allowing users to run their own server via a Windows PC to connect with Xbox One consoles. Lastly, the multiplayer mode "Oddball," a staple mode of the franchise, will return in Halo 5. In it, players attempt to locate skulls around the map and hold on to them for as long as possible while fighting off other players. 

Halo Wars 2 will also receive an Xbox One X update, 343 continued. The game will also get online cross-platform compatibility between PC and Xbox One. Lastly, Halo Wars 2 will join the Xbox Arena, which allows players to organize and host their own online tournaments. 

Lastly, the Master Chief Collections, a collection of the first four Halo games re-released for the Xbox One in 2014, will also get an Xbox One X update, "as well as fixes, improvements and upgrades to the core game to help bring it forward and modernize many of the game’s systems to take advantage of Xbox platform advancements since its original launch."  343 also announced it's planning to implement a "public flighting program," which will allow it to add iterative patches and updates in the future while testing them in a large-scale environment. The latter of these updates is currently expected to come next spring, 343 said. 

The Master Chief Collection has had a long uphill battle since its release. What should've been a celebration of the older games quick devolved into controversy when it shipped riddled with bugs and issues. Since then, 343 has maintained its commitment to getting the game in shipshape.