Daily Glixel: 'Pokemon Go' in the Money, 'DOTA 2' Becomes Newbie Friendly, 'Ark' Slight Delay

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A kinder, gentler 'DOTA 2'?
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A kinder, gentler 'DOTA 2'?

Multiplayer online battle arena games (MOBAs) can be intimidating. That’s why developer Valve is working to make DOTA 2 more welcoming to new players. The game’s latest update includes two new features designed to help newbies over the learning curve. One feature restricts new players to a curated group of twenty heroes for their first 25 games. These heroes are ones that Valve believes are very successful in helping DOTA neophytes learn the game. The second feature is a sort of “buddy system” that matches newbies against players with consistently high behavior scores. “It is especially important for a new player to have a good social experience while they are first trying to learn the game,” the DOTA team says in a blog post.

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