The 50 Worst Games of All Time

From 'BMX XXX' and 'Bubsy 3D' to a game about a talking sausage and the least erotic sex games imaginable. Meet the very worst of the worst

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Ride to Hell: Retribution

Games have tried to combine motorbikes and combat plenty of times – Road Rash had five sequels between 1991 and 2003 – but it's always been tricky. It's hard to communicate speed and fragility while letting characters ride side-by-side wailing on each other. Road To Hell: Retribution failed at both those things, and everything else it tried along the way. The roads felt like ice, combat was glitchy, and colliding with traffic would sometimes just bring you to a gentle halt. Worse, it wrapped this up in a story about getting revenge on bikers by riding across America saving a succession of women who show their appreciation by having sex with you in cheesy cutscenes where everyone grinds away fully clothed. This refills your health and ammo, because of course it does.

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