The 50 Worst Games of All Time

From 'BMX XXX' and 'Bubsy 3D' to a game about a talking sausage and the least erotic sex games imaginable. Meet the very worst of the worst

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Drake of the 99 Dragons

Considered by many to be the worst game ever released for the original Xbox, Drake was a third-person shooter intended to be the focal point for an overly-ambitious multi-media onslaught from publisher Majesco that would include comic books and a TV show. On paper it sounded like a stylized Max Payne-alike with undead assassins, demons, bullet-time, and fast-paced, dual-wielding gunplay. In reality, it was a rushed, glitchy, unplayable mess with an unfathomable storyline and an in-game camera that seemed to go out of its way to hide what was most important from you. Drake, the game's brooding star, is essentially a wannabe Neo from The Matrix, with a mug like the Phantom of the Opera, and a voice, according to one critic, most reminiscent of the Moviefone guy. Perhaps the one forward-looking thing about Drake of the 99 Dragons is that, instead of reloading his guns, he simply tossed them aside and magically produced new ones, like Reaper from Overwatch

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