The 50 Worst Games of All Time

We've all played games that are bad. If you've been a gamer for more than a few years, you've no doubt been exposed to your fair share of genuinely awful experiences – but which of them can be counted as the worst of all time?

The stinky bottom of gaming's barrel is contaminated with the effluent of games so shockingly, soul-crushingly terrible that they can be credibly described as both objectively and subjectively bad. Some have you doing reprehensible things, some are fundamentally terrible ideas, while others are just so utterly broken that they make you question your love for the medium.

We trawled the depths of the past 40 years of games and identified the 50 most loathsome examples of what happens at the crossroads of bad judgement and lousy execution. Meet the very worst of the worst from every corner of the globe.