'Destiny 2': Seven Things We Learned from Our Visit to Bungie

The inside of Destiny-creator Bungie is pretty much what you'd expect – a fun mingling of the studio's storied past and its epic vision for the future. Rooms are labeled with names of familiar locations from Destiny, community Twitch streams can be viewed from the upstairs lobby, and there's a row of PlayStations and monitors set up along the break-area wall. One of the last things you see on the entrance floor, past a hall of framed magazine covers and Destiny prop replicas, is a life-size statue of the Master Chief in his iconic Mark VI armor from Halo 2, dual submachine guns in his hands. "We're very grateful for everything he did for us," says DeeJ, Bungie's director of communications.

After sitting down to chat with a group of the developers and spend time walking the halls of the house that Halo built, here's some of the interesting things we learned.