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Explosions, Assassins and Disco Snakes, Oh My

Explosions, Assassins and Disco Snakes, Oh My

Looking for an end to your summertime sadness? August's PlayStation Plus games might just have you covered. Get your blood pumping again with the Michael Bay of video games, Just Cause 3, or get stealthy with the standalone adventure of Assassin's Creed: Freedom Cry. Get cuddly with your friends in couch co-op title Super Motherload, or destroy those friendships with Snakeball's flashy disco snakes on PS3. Vita users, there's some goodies for you too: Side-scroller shooter Downwell is a cross buy PS4 title, and Level 22 is a mischievous stealth game you won't want to miss. Bonus: PlayStation Plus Summer Movies has begun. For the next six weeks, enjoy 99-cent digital rentals of The LEGO Batman Movie, Logan, Power Rangers and more.

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