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'Night in the Woods'

Night in the Woods is about coming home, and it brings out all the bittersweet emotions that returning home makes us feel. It's set in Possum Springs, a small town full of cartoon animals, and the person coming home is a college dropout and cat named Mae Borowski. Mae can spend each day having heart-to-hearts with friends communicated in comic-book dialogue bubbles or committing petty crime via a shoplifting minigame or reconnecting with her family. And then at night, strange things happen in her dreams and, of course, in the woods. Night in the Woods is an adventure game, but one where sense of place is more important than puzzles. It's also a rhythm game when you're jamming with your band, a platformer when you leap across rooftops in your dreams, and a dungeon crawler when Mae sits down to play video games on the family PC. Mostly though it's a small-town feelings generator, which is a rare and affecting thing. thing.