The Best Games of 2017 So Far

More than 30 must-play video games of 2017

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'Tekken 7'

The story's nonsense (because of course it is, this is a Tekken game), but once Tekken 7 gets going it becomes the kind of rampant nonsense that's hugely enjoyable – and the fact that a story which begins with you throwing a child into a volcano manages to get odder from there is an achievement by itself. Tekken 7 is the kind of fighting game that's all about the fighting, with new ideas like Rage powers that can be activated at low health to keep bouts interesting right down to the line. The finer levels of alteration to things like how much damage is done by later attacks in a combo emphasize the Tekken series' focus on positioning – the high damage caused by slamming an opponent into a wall makes it vital to be able to instantly understand the best distance for each character to operate at. But as well as that fiddly level of tactical consideration, Tekken 7 is also still the game with all the slow-motion, characters who are bears and vampires and Yoshimitsu, and children being thrown into a volcano.

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