The Best Games of 2017 So Far

More than 30 must-play video games of 2017

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'Persona 5'

“Japanese games are so weird” is a lazy saw to be trotting out in the year of our Lord 2017, and yet when it comes to describing the Persona games it's a useful starting point. Persona 5 was a game about high school students who formed a gang of mask-wearing vigilantes with powers that let them access the hearts of darkness inside adults to fight their suppressed psyches and remove their most dangerous impulses. It presented this as dungeon crawls with turn-based combat, while the daytime high-school half of the game was complex time management about the building of a vital social network. building of a vital social network. Persona 5 did all this with better RPG mechanics than the series has had before, including an alertness meter that added an element of stealth to raiding someone's subconscious mental palace. It also moved the drama to Tokyo, giving a big city vibe to a series that's been about small towns in the past, and also threw in possibly the best and strangest cat ever to grace a video game, because Japanese games are weird.

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