The Best Games of 2017 So Far

More than 30 must-play video games of 2017

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'Hollow Knight'

Far underground, in an insect empire fallen to ruin, a beetle knight armed only with a nail set out. Hollow Knight is another of the glut of recent games to borrow from Dark Souls both mechanically and thematically, but it's also a metroidvania, all about backtracking and finding that one thing needed to unlock access to a new area. What sets it apart from its dual inspirations is the art style, animated in the fashion of old cartoons. Giant stag beetles hustle out of caves on too many legs, ghostly faces hover in both foreground and background, tiny bugs coat themselves in moss to appear huge, grubs wiggle and flies buzz. For a game to be worth exploring, dying in, and then exploring again, it has to be worth looking at and Hollow Knight succeeds at that in spades.

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