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'Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator'
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'Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator'

A dating sim about a single dad who moved into a cul-de-sac conveniently full of other queer dads looking for love, Dream Daddy was the most wholesome game this side of, well, Hidden Folks. The closest thing to sex scenes were tasteful fade-to-blacks and any difficulties its characters might have faced were elided like they are in every romantic comedy, leaving only cute dates and dad jokes. Even though you were pursuing your dream daddy, the relationship between you and your 18-year-old daughter was also central, a fantasy of raising a cool teen who raised her eyebrows at your puns. At one point your competitive boasting about her turned into a straight-up Pokemon battle with another dad where bragging that your daughter helped an old woman with her groceries was “extra powerful” and caused 20 hp of damage. There have been plenty of recent games about father-daughter relationships but are any of them as perfect as Dream Daddy?