Method Man on His 'Call of Duty' Voice Over, 'Dynasty Warriors,' And Car-Free Living

Method Man on His 'Call of Duty' Voice Over, 'Dynasty Warriors,' And Car-Free Living

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No stranger to 'Call of Duty,' Meth delivers multiplayer voice over pack for 'Infinite Warfare'

No stranger to 'Call of Duty,' Meth delivers multiplayer voice over pack for 'Infinite Warfare'

As a founding member of the seminal New York hip hop crew Wu-Tang Clan, Method Man was a central part of one of modern music's most significant moments. The group's filthy production style combined with narratives from Method Man and others bathed in equal parts east coast thug life and eastern mysticism, merged into something that seems certain to stand the test of time. Wu-Tang's debut album, Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), remains a five-mic classic.

Method Man, the 46 year-old born Clifford Smith has had something of a second career as an actor, appearing in such films such as George Lucas' Red Tails, Key and Peele's Keanu, and Tom McCarthy's The Cobbler. He's found roles in television as well, in HBO's Oz and The Wire, and most recently in Netflix' Luke Cage.

No stranger to a pair of analog sticks, Method Man was tapped by Activision to record dialogue for the Method Man Voice Over Pack, which releases today on PS4 and Xbox One for $3.99 (there's a PC version coming later). The DLC features the legendary rapper guiding players through multiplayer combat, providing banter on killstreaks and enemy activity in his signature style. We spoke to the star about rap life, home life, and flank life.

How'd you get involved with this latest Call of Duty DLC?
They called me up and right out the box, as soon as they said Call of Duty, I was on board. I'm a gamer, and Call of Duty is one of the games that we played. Mostly Call of Duty: Black Ops – that was my thing.

You a campaign or multiplayer kinda dude?
Multiplayer, mainly. I only did the campaign the first few games. I thought it'd help me learn to shoot straighter and shit... but nah, it didn't. What actually helped me was that when Black Ops 1 came out, the maps were smaller. So I could navigate a little bit better, and it kept me from camping.

So it was learning the smaller maps that helped you stay competitive?
That's the whole CoD thing – once you learn the maps, there's nothing that can stop you. My clan, we always start with Domination. It's funny, because when we play Kill Confirmed or Team Deathmatch, instead of screaming out landmarks, we say, "A-Dom! He's in A-Dom! He's in B-Dom!" – we're not even playing Domination, but everybody knows exactly where to go.

Do you have a certain play style?
Those that are in the know know that I'm a camper. So once I learned the maps, I became a flanker – meaning, we've got guys that go straight to B-Dom, and if we start at C, I'm flanking all the way to A to catch the guy trying to flank us. If I make it all the way through and survive, I'm circling around them and by the time they get to C-Dom I'm at A-Dom already getting A-Dom – so we're still dominating cause we've got A and B.

Who do you usually play with?
My clan, we're a soldier unit – all of us got soldier names. My clan leader's a Shaolin Soldier. There's guys in our clan that I've known for over 10 years, but I've never seen their faces. Until now, cause you can put pictures on that shit. [Laughs.]

You ever play with anyone in Wu-Tang?
Only one going on the game is [Wu-Tang affiliate] Streetlife – he's the only one. The other dudes, they're not really into the shooters and stuff. GZA won't play any video games unless it's chess or golf. Masta Killa only plays football and a little basketball.

Where do you generally play? At home, in the studio?
Ah nah, I wouldn't dare play in the studio, that's a distraction. I have my own little basement at home, in my house. So I usually go down there, and before I go down I tell everybody in the house, "I'm going to save the world tonight." Because that's what I do when I play video games.

What is it that you look for in a game? Is it setting or gameplay? Or saving the world?
I just look for new experiences. When I discovered The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth 2 for Xbox, sorta like a tower game where you had to build your army up and attack – I got hooked to those games for a second. Alien vs. Predator: Extinction, too. Oh, and then Dynasty Warriors – every time this shit comes out, whether it's wack or not I get it. I just like the slash, dash, cut – all that shit. That's one of my favorite games; even though it's not high on anyone's checklist, it is on mine.

My youngest has Xbox One and PS4. Once he's in his room, we don't see him again.

What games have you been playing most recently?
Usually I'll start up with my sports games – MLB, NBA 2K, Madden – and then I go on into stuff like Hitman, Watch Dogs, Sniper Elite. Right now I'm very active in Watch Dogs.

Do you play with your family at all? Do you play with your kids?
Not really. We used to do things like, we used to do puzzles, and puzzle games. But now everybody's pretty much on their own thing. My youngest has Xbox One and PS4. Once he's in his room, we don't see him again.

Do your kids ever tell you about new games?
Nah, I'm pretty much the coolest dad in the world. Ain't nothing they can tell me that I've haven't heard of yet.

What's your domestic life like? Has life exited the fast lane for you?
Man, I'm so far out of the fast lane...I don't even own a car.

Really? How do you get around?
If I have something to do, they'll come get me. Other than that I'm in the crib. If I need a car to go out and get groceries or whatever, I'll borrow my wife's car. I hardly ever go out to events unless I have to, or unless I'm being paid to.

I read online that you may have stopped smoking weed. Is that true?
Nah, man. I just don't want that to be the first thing people think about when they think about when they see me. Because that's not my life. My whole life has not revolved around smoking – there are so many more layers to who I am. You get stereotyped, especially when you're trying to get acting jobs, and that's just not the thing I want in the forefront. But I advocate for the legalization of marijuana, and the use of marijuana for healing. When they're trying to pass legislation it in my state to legalize it, I'm first in line to support it.