'Wolfenstein': Why Video Game's KKK Members Wear Hoods in Nazi America

It's not an ideological choice

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Credit: MachineGames

Why would a pair of bonafide Ku Klux Klan members wear hoods in Nazi America?

As much as I enjoyed my time with Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, there is one scene in the game which kept bothering me. During a visit to Nazi-ruled America, I came across two KKK members walking down the street chatting.

At first, the scene is so unexpected it's jarring. There they are, plain as day, these white-hooded men peacefully, happily walking through town, not just left to their own devices, but seemingly, completely at ease. And behind them walks a Nazi in full uniform.

After the initial shock, a thought pops up in my head: Why are they wearing hoods? They don't need to disguise themselves. This is an America ruled by the Nazis, with an ideology which one would assume matches neatly with their own. What, then are they hiding from.

After my time spent playing a recent demo, I had a chance to ask creative director Jen Matthies about it.

"Why are the KKK men wearing hoods in Nazi America?"

At first, the gathering and Matthies tittered at the question, but when I pressed him Matthies, seemingly slightly chastened, he attempted to explain. It turns out, it has nothing to do with the new Nazi regime's influence on the KKK or some sort of inter-alt-right clash between ideologies. It all boils down to, well, time and money.

"We have over 100 actors," Matthies says. "Of course, some play one part, some play several. And we have more characters that we have actors. That is an obscene amount of faces to build. So we looked for any opportunity to save face."