SteamWorld Dig Could Still Get a Nintendo Amiibo

Inside the exploding success of SteamWorld Dig 2

Developers Image & Form are interested in creating a Nintendo amiibo figure for it’s popular SteamWorld Dig franchise, but they are also “very naive,” studio founder Brjánn Sigurgeirsson told a gathering at the Game Developers Conference this week.

“In the beginning we started talking about an amiibo when the game was doing alright,” Sigurgeirsson says. But he added, he didn’t quite understand how it worked so he contacted Nintendo. “Hi Nintendo, can you make an amiibo for us and sort of include it with Smash Brothers and stuff,” he says, paraphrasing that request. “They said, ‘You license the brand from us and take the risk.’

The minimum order was so high, he says, that the company didn’t have the money to take that risk at the time.

“That’s a dream to have an amiibo made and we have had time,” he says. “Hopefully we can sort of get there though.”

The original SteamWorld Dig launched with the developer owing $500,000 to investors but still managed to break even, Sigurgeirsson says. The sequel, which came out late last year, sold 7.5 times as much in the first week alone, he says, and has made 18.5 times as much money.

Game development “has always been a hand-to-mouth experience,” he says. “With SteamWorld Dig 2, suddenly those every day, every week, every month worries were suddenly not there anymore. It was this incredible thing.”