Looking for Smash, Metroid, Advance Wars on Switch? These Indie Hits Might Help

A half-dozen great indies for you Switch that play like the classics you yearn for

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If you want Smash Bros., try Rivals of Aether...eventually

If you want Smash Bros., try Rivals of Aether...eventually

It all started so simple: the gamers of 1999 simply wanted to know what it would be like to slice up Pikachu with the Master Sword. Now, nearly two-decades later, the fans hunger for a Smash Bros. for Switch, easily topping the unofficial Twitter poll that spawned this article. While Nintendo remains silent on that issue, there’s hope for Smashers everywhere in the form of Rivals of Aether, an pixel-art indie fighter that draws heavily from the likes of Melee and Pokemon for inspiration. It’s not clear when the Smash-like plans to make its exact move, but, if I had to bet, it’ll likely hit the platform before Nintendo even announces their intention to bring the lauded franchise to their wonderful new box. Until then, keep the Wii U warm - you never know when the urge to Smash might strike.

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