Looking for Smash, Metroid, Advance Wars on Switch? These Indie Hits Might Help

A half-dozen great indies for you Switch that play like the classics you yearn for

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If you want Metroid, try Axiom Verge...or a bunch of other games

If you want Metroid, try Axiom Verge...or a bunch of other games

Metroid aficionados have had a well-documented antipathy for Nintendo’s handling of their favorite heroine for a few console generations now, and, looking at the likes of Metroid Prime: Federation Force, you can’t really blame them. Even still, the past half-decade has given such an embarrassment of riches in the so-called “Metroidvania” genre - from Ori to Hollow Knight - that it’s difficult to stay upset. For those who have time only for orange armor-toting protagonists and don’t own a 3DS, Axiom Verge is probably the best you can do for now.

Developed by one-man studio Thomas Happ, Axiom isn’t so much a love letter to the Metroid series as it is a “ROM hack” of the original pulled from a nightmare realm, and an extremely ambitious one at that. The gentle sign-posting of Super Metroid and its ilk is nowhere to be found here - rather, you find yourself enmeshed in a glitched-out hellworld where progress is hard-won and every tile could reveal the way forward. More than any of the games on this list, Axiom is a true fan-game, developed by an enthusiast for enthusiasts, and your enjoyment of it is contingent upon that.

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