Looking for Smash, Metroid, Advance Wars on Switch? These Indie Hits Might Help

A half-dozen great indies for you Switch that play like the classics you yearn for

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If you want Classic Zelda, try Blossom Tales

If you want Classic Zelda, try Blossom Tales

You can certainly argue that those cut their teeth on Link to the Past rather than Ocarina or Wind Waker have been a little ill-served by Nintendo over the years, with 2013’s A Link Between Worlds serving as a rare paean to the old-school crowd. (For those of you gesturing desperately to the copy of Oracle or Minish Cap on your shelf, you have my sympathies.) Given this, a fair few independent studios have tried to take a whack at that formula over the years, with varying degrees of success.

By all accounts, Castle Pixel’s Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King ranks among the very best of these SNES-era imitators, complete with simplified sword-swinging, bomb-chucking, and enough block-pushing to make even a Goron happy. Other than its female protagonist, Blossom Tales definitely suffers from a surfeit of fresh ideas, hewing almost-uncomfortably close to its imitator at certain parts, including several puzzles recycled almost-verbatim from Link to the Past’s more memorable dungeons. Still, for those in the market for an unabashed clone, you can do a lot worse.

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