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Looking for Smash, Metroid, Advance Wars on Switch? These Indie Hits Might Help

A half-dozen great indies for you Switch that play like the classics you yearn for

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If you want Classic Mario, try Super Meat Boy

If you want Classic Mario, try Super Meat Boy

Check any gaming forum devoted to the Switch, and you’ll see thread after thread lamenting the lack of one of the Wii U’s most acclaimed games: Super Mario Maker. And while it’s not clear that Nintendo plans to bring that particular nostalgia factory to their new platform, if there’s any genre that the indie scene has truly over-delivered on, it’s 2D platformers. Steam overflows with a deluge of immaculately-crafted ledge-hoppers every year, and many of them go unheeded, despite their superb quality. And all of that started with the mammoth success of Super Meat Boy.

Strictly speaking, despite its simplified controls, Super Meat Boy requires a great deal more precision than most of Mario’s adventures, and its focus on rock-hard micro-levels that require dozens of tries to best might not appeal to everyone. Still, many of the most popular levels in Mario Maker remain notorious for their difficulty, and this SMB offers that in spades, albeit in a more finite package. If that doesn’t do it for you, well, you can always dust off the Wii U - judging by Twitch streams, the game’s still going strong.

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