Looking for Smash, Metroid, Advance Wars on Switch? These Indie Hits Might Help

A half-dozen great indies for you Switch that play like the classics you yearn for

If you want Advance Wars, try Tiny Metal

If you want Advance Wars, try Tiny Metal

Though the mobile turn-based strategy series first introduced to the US in 2001 hasn’t shown any official signs of life since 2008 - largely due to original developer Intelligent Systems shifting to focus on the more-popular Fire Emblem - Nintendo did greenlight a pseudo-sequel from the studio titled Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. back in 2015. Well, good news: for those fans who didn’t quite connect with Code Name’s sweeping changes, which included a Valkyria Chronicles-esque over-the-shoulder camera, there’s Tiny Metal.

Released by an unknown Japanese studio called Area 35, Tiny Metal isn’t so much cut from the same cloth as its obvious inspiration as it is the same cloth, tattered with age and dyed a new color Besides some much-appreciated changes to the basic interface, this is the same grid-based battle of attrition that you remember from the mid-2000’s, albeit in a less charming package. Still, while it might be content to simply repackage a decade-old design scheme, it managed to capture my attention better than most strategy games out there, so if you don’t want to scrounge through your closet for your old DS cards, this is a pretty appealing alternative.