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Magic Leap: 10 (More) Things You Didn't Know

New details about privacy, the different future versions and the tech company itself

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The Many Versions of Magic Leap
The Magic Leap Bench Magic Leap4/10

The Many Versions of Magic Leap

The plan is to eventually have multiple versions of the gear, Abovitz says. “We actually mapped out a portfolio,” he says. “We have sort of a like a decade strategic plan of how our portfolio evolves into everyday systems, extreme, extreme performance, unique different things for different occupations. So, yeah, we are definitely going to spread into a portfolio of things.”

And the shape those new systems take will be guided largely by the community and what it wants after launch, he says. “We are going to be in the exact opposite of being in the woodshop incubating. Think about a band that is like writing songs in the woods, and then they come out and go play everywhere. You are just with everybody and you're like with the audience. Like Grateful Dead in San Francisco in the late '60s. It’s sort of like where the band and the audience, you can't tell the difference. I mean that is kind of what we want. It’s like sort of planting little trees in a forest and then watching them all bloom. Watering the ones that look like they are taking off, helping guide the ones that are struggling. But just more like curators of something where it sort of leaves our hands and starts to take its own life. We have to be, I think like the original Minecraft where the community was in a great feedback loop with Notch. They were all co-creating with him and all these cool things started to happen like the Minecraft videos. Hip-hop came out of people misusing turntables. Somebody is going to figure out how to circumvent what we are doing and do something completely unexpected. That is going to be awesome. That creative exploration, the hacking, we totally want that to happen.”

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