Magic Leap: 10 (More) Things You Didn't Know

New details about privacy, the different future versions and the tech company itself

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People Already Have Headsets
Early version of a Magic Leap headset Magic Leap2/10

People Already Have Headsets

While this week marked the official unveil of Magic Leap One and its gear, a group of developers have had development kits for a bit now, according to Abovitz.

“Some developers have early access devices now quietly behind the scenes. We put out a decent number of those. And the reason why we are limiting it is we have been moving through iterations so fast, like you might have a P3 and then it gets replaced by a P4A and then a P4B, so just every few weeks we might be rotating out one iteration hardware for the next because we are running agile. So we don't want to have too many of those. We want to get to the point where when we start to go public. So they will still be seeding, but we could do more of those.”

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