Magic Leap: 10 (More) Things You Didn't Know

New details about privacy, the different future versions and the tech company itself

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Mission Control
Magic Leap offices Magic Leap5/10

Mission Control

Magic Leap has had, Abovitz says, an internal plan and ship date for a long time and they just “continue to track to it.” He points out that the company has never really announced a date before so they’ve never been on time, early or late. “But internally we have a pretty detailed program plan. We have a group called Mission Control, which tracks all of the incoming projects and critical path to ship. And we have been tracking it diligently every single week and we are tracking to our ship date. So on our plan it said if we hit certain product milestones, we are going to do something. And the something you want to do is sort of walk out of the woodshed at the end of '17 and be able to make '18 all about celebrating the developers and creators we are working with, getting a lot more on board, doing public events and then having our launch.”

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