Magic Leap: 10 (More) Things You Didn't Know

Magic Leap yesterday unveiled the first public look at what will become the original consumer product for its mind-tricking mixed reality headset, computer and controller, known collectively as Magic Leap One.

In the week proceeding the announcement, Glixel was invited to the company's sprawling Florida campus to chat with founder Rony Abovitz, test out the final version of the gear and tour its massive underground wafer manufacturing plant. The story digs into how the idea came about, the break-through technology being used and what the company expects will happen once the headset is released to "creators" sometime next year for a still-to-be-announced price.

But there was much more that Glixel didn't dig into in that first story. What about keyboards? What about privacy? Is there going to be more than one version? Can I wear a hat (The answer to that surprisingly often asked question is probably not.). Below you'll find ten more things you didn't know about Magic Leap One, the technology behind it and the company making it.