Four New Battle Royale Games Evolving The Genre

Every few years, a runaway hit in the games industry ignites the medium, consuming everything and everyone, sending developers big and small sprinting to their whiteboards to sketch out their own spin on a new concept. This time, the conflagration is known as “battle royale,” a variant on the classic shooter deathmatch that cast many competitors in an ever-diminishing playfield that allows for only one winner: the last shooter (or team of shooters ) left standing. So far, PUBG Corp’s Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds and Epic Games’ Fortnite have served as the main fuel for the inferno, sizzling up the sales charts week after week. But success breeds competition, and fleets of developers have long since moved on from the whiteboard, hoping that their works-in-progress will continue to grow the pie of the emerging genre. These four games all offer a unique take on the core one-versus-many concept, and though it remains to be seen just how many more islands full of maniacal shooters gamers can sustain, these developers are hoping for the best.