'Bloodborne 2': How To Build a Better 'Bloodborne'

Four ways to improve Bloodborne

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More varied builds

4. More varied builds

Though the weapons offered by Bloodborne vary wildly in speed, power, and reach, beyond a smattering of arcane items and exotic guns, most players tend to stick to the tried-and-true method of whacking a monstrous beast with a sword in close-quarters combat until it stops moaning. Though clever builds can take advantage of the more esoteric gear in the game, such as the booming Cannon or area-of-effect “spells” like A Call Beyond, the lack of the classic Souls trifecta of miracles, magic, and pyromancy really limits the approaches you can try, at least in single player. There’s no hiding that “character-action” games like Bayonetta and Devil May Cry inspired the fast-paced (mostly)-shieldless combat that sets Bloodborne apart, but a few more options beyond melee combat would really boost replayability, even if they seem a little less satisfying than the classic saw-and-pistol method.  

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