'Bloodborne 2': How To Build a Better 'Bloodborne'

Four ways to improve Bloodborne

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More trick weapons, and better loot pacing

2. More trick weapons, and better loot pacing

There’s no doubt that the exploding thud of the Boomhammer, the razor-sharp bite of the Threaded Cane, and the tell-tale whirr of the Whirligig Saw - A.K.A. the “pizza cutter on a stick” - will go down as some of the most memorable attacks in video gaming. However, the dozen-or-so implements offered by Bloodborne pale in comparison to the bounty of broadswords, spears, and rapiers offered by the Souls series. Perhaps in response to this criticism, the lone DLC for Bloodborne, "The Old Hunters," took great pains to expand the workshop selection, nearly doubling the number of weapons in the game. Unfortunately, because the DLC is locked behind some fairly-stiff boss fights, most players won’t get to experiment with the likes of Simon’s Bowblade or the Church Pick until more than halfway through the game, when they’ve already committed to a weapon. Bloodborne 2 could avoid this problem by dropping loot at a more consistent clip and not saving all of its shiniest toys until the very end of the night.

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