'Bloodborne 2': How To Build a Better 'Bloodborne'

Four ways to improve Bloodborne

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A world beyond the city

3. A world beyond the city

Yharnam is one of the best-realized settings in any game, complete with its own culture, factions, and geography. That said, I can’t help but feel that Bloodborne has effectively told the complete story of the city and the people who dwell within it, especially after the events of "The Old Hunters". While it might be tempting to return to where it all began, there’s a whole world beyond the impossible cathedrals for FromSoft to imagine, and I can’t wait to explore it. Though certain item descriptions and NPCs hint at the lands outside the walls, it’s purely uncharted territory, and it would be fascinating to see the disparate impact that the Great Ones have had in other climes beyond just Victorian pseudo-Europe.

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