Celebrity Crush: Five Famous Pot Lovers on their Favorite Weed Products

From Instagram stars to the force behind 'High Maintenance,' we talked to weed aficionados about their top ways to get stoned

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Her real name is Caroline Goldfarb, but most people know her as @OfficialSeanPenn, Internet culturati extraordinaire, boasting an ever-growing, meme-loving audience of over 400,000 on Instagram.

Are there any low-tech products you love? One low-tech thing I'll always love are those Juicy Jay flavored rolling papers that have the pictures of the fruit on them. I think they're illegal now because it unintentionally markets itself to kids, so it's really hard to find them. But those are some of my earliest, happiest memories of smoking. And I think they are gorgeous, with like cherries on them, or cotton candy. I think they are to die for. Stunning. I would wallpaper my whole house in them if I could." [Editors note: Flavored rolling papers are only illegal if they're being presented for use with tobacco – strangely, if they're being sold for marijuana, it's fine.] 

What's your favorite high-tech product right now? They're called Dosist pens. I think they have a finite amount of hits in them and then you can throw them away. They're like the Apple of vape pens. They vibrate once you've had a full hit. It's very scientific. They look like tiny, skinny dildos. I'm very into them. They vibrate, the whole thing is very erotic and technical. It makes me think of Steve Jobs the whole time even though he has nothing to do with them. But I think they could tip their design hat a little bit to Steve."

What's your favorite edible? "There's this company called the Venice Cookie Company. And there's this one cookie, it's the holy grail of edibles, it's called the Chipster. The thing that's amazing about it, is it has 250 mg of THC in the cookie, pure THC. It's an unheard of amount. I've never seen anything like it on the market in my life. Someone gave me this cookie a year ago and I've been slowly picking away at it. A literal nibble will get me so fucked up. I'm talking mouse-sized bites. It's vegan which, is also amazing. But I cannot express this enough, I'm a micro-doser, like I want it to feel like I took half a xanax. So I've been picking away at this cookie for years. Like I'm going to pass it on to my kids.

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