Celebrity Crush: Five Famous Pot Lovers on their Favorite Weed Products

From Instagram stars to the force behind 'High Maintenance,' we talked to weed aficionados about their top ways to get stoned

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Kelly Oxford
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Kelly Oxford

Kelly Oxford is a New York Times best-selling author and screenwriter. She's gained over a million combined Twitter and Instagram followers, mostly by eating edibles and going on brilliant stoner tangents. 

What low-tech products are you loving right now? I really like the Lord Jones CBD [products]. Just because it totally relaxes in a way that you sort of feel relaxed after you do a strenuous workout, but you don't have to do the strenuous workout, which is great. And they have these delicious CBD gummies with sugar all over them. I tend to go to those a lot. The ones with the THC are good too but sometimes I get a little too high from edibles. They are actually delicious candy – it's kind of annoying how good they are because you would eat them all if you didn't know they were going to do anything to you.

And what about high-tech? There's this company called Jane West, based out of Colorado, and she makes these like, original dugouts, but it's really elevated. She has one called "The Wand" that looks like a mascara wand and the pipe is on one end and then the other end opens up and all of your flower is in there so you can just get it out. It's the exact same thing as a dugout but it's new and it's sleek, and it's pretty. It's really smart to travel with.

Any other products you've been fond of lately? Select CBD drops. They're really good. There's like lemon, lavender and peppermint flavors. And they work pretty fast actually. It takes like 30 minutes for them to kick in. I've never taken a sleeping pill but I've taken Melatonin, but it's better than Melatonin. It's such a natural good way to get your body to sort of release itself if your exercise didn't work that day or you're just too wired to fall asleep. It's just the best natural way I've found to actually get a good deep sleep. I like the lavender one before bed because I buy into all that hippy shit.

What's the most out there product you've tried? Lord Jones also has a CBD cream. It actually has taken away three of my headaches, you just put it wherever the pain is. I read that some actresses have been using it on their feet when they wear heels for a long time and it takes the pain away. I put it on my temples – it's worked for a couple hangovers!

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