Celebrity Crush: Five Famous Pot Lovers on their Favorite Weed Products

From Instagram stars to the force behind 'High Maintenance,' we talked to weed aficionados about their top ways to get stoned

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Katja Blichfield

Katja Blichfield

Katja Blichfield, also co-creator of HBO's High Maintenance, is a weed-fueled force. She writes, directs, produces and has starred in the hit series.

Do you have a favorite product at the moment? I don't know if this is a low tech or a high tech item, but I'm really particularly fond of the Dosist pen. I discovered these pens when I was out in L.A. last time. They're great, they're tiny and sleek, they almost look like a tampon which is great if you're trying to be low-key about your vaping. They come in a variety of types that produce specific desired effects. The ones I like the best are Passion and Calm. The Passion one purportedly has a bit of an aphrodisiac effect and I find it pleasantly energizing while still relaxing and the Calm does… exactly that.

What about any strains? Living in New York, one doesn't have much of a say in what strain one is able to purchase or smoke. I just tend to smoke whatever strains are available at any given time by whoever's selling it to me. I do really like the strain Girl Scout Cookies when available - I have a lot of laughs when I'm on that.

Are there any new trends in weed you expect to see soon? I'm hoping that organic weed is a trend that strengthens. It's definitely something I desire. Like I said, living in New York – there's not many options. Even so, I've noticed that when I've gone to recreational weed retailers in Washington and California, there's still way fewer organic options than I would expect or want to see.

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