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KJ Erickson: Imagining a Money-Free Society
Sarah Deragon22/25

KJ Erickson: Imagining a Money-Free Society

KJ Erickson's online marketplace, Simbi, wasn't necessarily designed for disaster relief. The site hosts 175,000 users, who offer services like legal advice, language lessons and tantric counseling in exchange for credits to trade in the future. The idea is to offer "a supplemental economy," says Erickson. "A lot of people are struggling to make ends meet in the dollar-based economy." But when Hurricane Harvey devastated Houston, she says, "we saw a lot of people posting services related to the hurricane." On the site's "pay it forward" option, users offered free shelter and other services to displaced victims, a practice that's been repeated in the aftermaths of Hurricane Irma and the Las Vegas shootings. "We became an emergency-relief campaign," she says. TS

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