Top Toy: Massive 70-Inch TV Puts Puny Sets to Shame

TV lovers with a thing for American Idol along with Wall Street bailout money to burn can officially rejoice, as Sharp’s new 70-inch LED-backlit AQUOUS LC-70LE732U is here, promising to prompt awe and disgust in innocent bystanders.

Spitefully large, it presently holds the title of largest-available LCD television, a record liable to be held for mere minutes — albeit just long enough to find its way into the homes of day traders and the newly divorced. Still, with 1080p high-definition resolution picture quality, built-in WiFi wireless connectivity and support for online streaming video services including Netflix, Vudu and CinemaNow, it’s a self-contained party.

Yours for the princely sum of $3,799.99, complete with four HDMI ports, enhanced coloring and, ironically, Energy Star qualification for power savings, it’ll instantly impress friends, and alienate your significant other.