Spotify Adds Private Listening Mode to Protect Against Friends' Judgment

Credit: Courtesy

Online music streaming service Spotify has updated its application to include a private listening mode in response to users' complaints over notices broadcasting current song selections embarrassing them and cluttering up their Facebook feeds.

Designed to minimize spam and protect innocents from being exposed as closet fans of Dolly Parton or Mannheim Steamroller, private listening features can now be turned on or off directly from the service’s menu bar. Choosing to utilize them prevents friends on social networks from knowing what you’re listening to or what your favorite little guilty pleasures are at any given moment, information which was previously distributed to pals en masse.

Recently integrated with Facebook and made to require a corresponding account, Spotify’s actions were undertaken in answer to fan backlash over perceived privacy issues. Formerly impinging on users' freedom to enjoy Justin Bieber without the world knowing, visiting the service’s File menu is now enough to protect your right to enjoy pop music without suffering friends and family’s knowing stares.

A seemingly obvious oversight on Spotify’s part that's finally been corrected, millions are undoubtedly preparing to celebrate to the tune of *NSYNC’s (ahem) timeless classic Home for Christmas as we speak.