Remembering Norman Mailer: His Last Rolling Stone Interview Plus Bonus Audio

Norman Mailer, the literary icon who helped frame New Journalism, died from acute renal failure today in Manhattan at the age of eighty-four. Rolling Stone spoke with the author for the first of our Fortieth Anniversary issues earlier this year, and in a sprawling interview with Mark Binelli, Mailer spoke out about taking drugs, President Bush and the future of America. Click here to read the entire interview, and click below to listen to audio from that Q&A.

On marijuana's superiority to psychedelics for tapping into life's mysteries, and why Timothy Leary was a "vapid asshole":

On why Bush would've committed Hari Kari by now if he really cared about America, and what exactly Nixon's "inner light" might've smelled like:

On the pursuit of knowledge in the "deadening" mediocrity of the Internet age:

On who's cut out for the Oval Office in 2008 -- and why being a phony can be a good thing:

On why TV commercials are the anti-Proust: