Thirty Years of Metal Gear in One (Long) Picture

Hideo Kojima's first game turns 30

Thirty years ago today, the original Metal Gear – Hideo Kojima's first game – hit the quirky Microsoft-backed MSX2, delivering stealth-based gameplay with a distinct geo-political flavor.

In the original classic – which later popped up on both standard computers and the Nintendo Entertainment System – players take on the role of Solid Snake, then a fresh recruit of special forces unit FOXHOUND.

Solid Snake is tasked with infiltrating Outer Heaven, a fortified state created in South Africa, after the group loses contact with one of their top agents while he is searching for a walking tank capable of launching nuclear missiles anywhere in the world.

The game's distinct use of stealth, rather than gunplay, quickly established it as an important and fun proto-game in a soon-to-be growing genre. The fact that the entire game and its plot were based on both politics and a strong anti-war message set the stage for the series to quickly grow a passionate and enormous fan base.

Over 31 games and expansions, the Metal Gear series quickly became known as much for its sometimes odd, often intriguing story and theme exploration as it did for its amazing cinematics.  Both are the product of Hideo Kojima's strong auteur approach to game development.

To celebrate that original game's 30th anniversary, created a single, rather tall, graphic outlining all of the games from the franchise. Check it out below and then let us know what your favorite MG memories are in the comments.