Exclusive Borat Interview for Make Glorious Cover of Rolling Stone!

The next issue of Rolling Stone features the first major interview with Sacha Baron Cohen, star of the ubiquitous new comedy Borat. You've seen the movie . . . time to meet the comic genius behind Borat, Ali G., and fabulous fashionista Bruno. Rolling Stone's got the first major interview with Sacha Baron Cohen out of character. Come back Wednesday for our exclusive excerpt . . . in the meantime, here are some verra ni-i-ice teasers.

Prepare yourself for:

• The inside scoop on how Baron Cohen dupes his guests
• What his grandmother thought of the movie
• The hilarious '80s hobby that got his comedy groove cooking

For now, debate:

• What do you think of Borat? Is he as good as all the hype?


UPDATE: Check out Sachamania, our five-day festival of all things Baron Cohen. Today, we feature the five funniest Ali G clips of all time.