Designer Playlist: Prabal Gurung's Favorite Summer Tunes

Credit: Courtesy of Prabal Gurung

Yesterday, designer Prabal Gurung hinted to us that his riveting Resort music video collaboration with rapper Rye Rye is a successful foray into a future filled with more style and sound marriages. He grew up on a hardy mix of classic rock (The Beatles and Bob Dylan were omnipresent staples in his parents' home), but soon indulged a New Wave and dance habit in the 80s.  Nowadays, his tastes are more ecletic than ever, and correspond aesthetically with his own multi-varied, intelligently subtexted designs. Below, Gurung kicks off our new Designer Playlist series with some of the songs he adores at the moment:

Prabal's Exclusive Rolling Stone Summer Playlist:

1. Rye Rye – "New Thing"
"I love her voice, tone, energy and everything about her."

2. Cat Power "Where is My Love?"
"Hauntingly, beautifully melancholic. The inspiration behind my Fall collection; I listened to this a lot while designing it."

3. Quadron – "Jeans"
"Has this old school folksy soul vibe, which I love. Like, you wanna jam with this, you know?"

4. Portishead – "Sour Times"
"I live for this song and everything about them." 

5. Sveta Bout "So Little"
"I just discovered this new artist in Brooklyn through a friend of mine. I just love, love her sound. It feels fresh."


Designer Prabal Gurung on His Collaboration With M.I.A. Protege Rye Rye