Day One: The Five Funniest Ali G Clips of All Time

As we sink into all things Borat on this, the week we debut our Borat cover story — in which Cohen gives a full-blown interview out of character — we thought it was important to acknowledge the character who first made it big in the U.S. of A: The inimitable Ali G.

We're calling it Sachamania, and every day this week, we'll unroll the definitive clips in Cohen's video history. Behold: The five funniest Ali G clips, ever. Feel free to challenge us, but these are the cream of the crop.

1. Sometimes, at a party, two girls get drunk and try a thing called feminism.

2. No evidence has been found to suggest Saddam could make BLTs.

3. Ask a veteran veterinarian: Is there a lot of sex diseases with animals?

4. What's up with so many nuns working part time as strippers?

5. Ali G vs. Donald Trump

Like these? Hate 'em? Got better? Tell us what you think.