Best Buy Leaks Lynx, Sirius XM’s New Touch Screen Receiver

New Sirius XM Touchscreen Receiver Credit:

Over the weekend, the Best Buy website inadvertently posted photos and specs of Lynx, the new radio receiver by Sirius XM. The product page has now been removed, but managed to capture the information on the new device. The Best Buy listing confirms that Lynx will come with a touch screen powered by a modified version of Android and on-demand playback capability. Subscribers will now be able to "pause, rewind, and replay live content," according to product description. The listing price was $250 but a shipping date was not made available.

Lynx will also include a microSDHC card slot so you can bring your own music into the mix and not rely solely on Sirius XM’s content. The new radio receiver also makes full use of the touch screen with a love button that automatically creates a playlist out of your favorite songs.

It’s looking to be a big fall for Sirius XM. Today, the company officially announced the release of Edge radio, an expanded channel line-up of exclusive, commercial-free content. Most notably, Edge will try to push Sirius XM into the Latino market with several new channels devoted to Spanish programming.

Edge is the first phase of Sirius XM 2.0 – a complete upgrade of the satellite radio provider which will eventually include hardware (like Lynx) and software services. To commemorate the prolonged launch of this next-generation satellite radio, Coldplay will be in the Sirius studios in New York City on November 9th for an intimate, Town Hall-style Q&A with subscribers.