Audio Aesthetics: New Winter Hat Doubles As High-Performance Headphones

Kangol x Aerial 7 Sound Disk Hat Credit: Courtesy of Siren PR

British hat brand Kangol has a surprising list of famous musical clientele: they designed the famous baker-boy caps the The Beatles wore in 1964 and, in recent years, have outfitted everyone from LL Cool J to Madonna in jaunty headwear. Capitalizing upon that sonic legacy, they are launching a new product that delivers both a style and aural punch. Enter the Sound Disk Hat: an enterprising sound system and chilly weather accessory in one.

The novelty of loading your music into your outfit isn't actually so new — remember MP3 player sunglasses? Or worse, audio vests? But Kangol's hybrid feels less gimmicky. For this collaboration, the company paired with Aerial, a high-performance brand audiophiles favor, affording it credibility points.

Sound Disk Hat's design is also thankfully discreet: Aerial7 headphones tuck right into the cap's jacquard earflaps, so you can connect an iPhone or Blackberry directly to it.  If you don't mind keeping your traveling music catalogue on the lighter side, it's not a bad way to stay entertained, and warm, all at once.

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