When Holden Met Katniss: The 40 Best YA Novels

Beloved favorites, underground classics, controversial page-turners, sci-fi sagas and more

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David Iserson, 'Firecracker'
Courtesy of Razorbill20/40

David Iserson, 'Firecracker'

2013, Razorbill

Iserson's background as a comedy writer (he worked for TV shows including The New Girl and Saturday Night Live) shines through in this laugh-out-loud novel. Spoiled and borderline-sociopathic, Astrid gets kicked out of her ritzy boarding school after getting caught cheating. To teach her a lesson, Astrid's parents send her to public school. Though, admittedly, really hard to like at times, Astrid is ultimately a character with a lot of heart. Don't be surprised if this seemingly light novel creeps under your skin.

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